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CuddlePupz Snuffle Pad

CuddlePupz Snuffle Pad

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Give your CuddlePup something to sniff out and cuddle with! Our CuddlePupz Snuffle Pad provides hours of paw-sitively fun entertainment and enrichment for your furry friend. Treat your pup to a unique puzzle they'll love - perfect for indoor or outdoor play. Let the Snuffle begin!

Hiding treats in the CuddlePupz Snuffle Pad letting them sniff them out is a great way to stimulate your CuddlePupz senses and keep them entertained. 


Tips for CuddlePup Owners:

1. If your dog doesn't seem interested, use a high reward treat, then you can switch to their kibble.

2. Please pick it up when your dogs finished searching, so this sniff pad can be used for a longer time.

Size Information:
Product Size: 25 x 15cm
Package Size: 25 x 25 x 12cm


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